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The way to get the highest value from your loans - and to help families keep their homes - is to keep your loans performing. Because of our passion for protecting our investors' assets, Ocwen has become the industry leader in loss mitigation with a pre-foreclosure resolution rate higher than 80%! We have developed proprietary best practices, embedded them into our technology, and globalized the process to allow us to do more to protect your assets and to keep your loans performing. With Ocwen, you can realize lower losses, greater transparency and easier access to your portfolio data with seemingly limitless capacity.

In 1986, Ocwen entered the business by purchasing non-performing/underperforming assets and improving the liquidation rate. Since then Ocwen has developed proprietary best-of-breed servicing and collection practices using scientific management, psychology and Six Sigma methodology. By being students of our business and investing heavily in technology, fifteen global operating centers and human resource development, we have become the industry leader in loss mitigation.

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Ocwen exceeds the industry average in keeping loans performing with more than 70% of Ocwen forbearance plans that began two years ago (i) still performing under a payment plan; (ii) less than 90 days delinquent; or (iii) resolved without a loss! One study indicated that Ocwen helps 9,000 more families per year avoid foreclosure than the average loan servicing organization (relative to portfolio size). So it's no surprise that Loan Performance Services (LPS) refers to Ocwen as "the best in its peer group at loss mitigation."

A recent Fitch report highlighted Ocwen's use of systematic models to determine appropriate workout strategies and a recent Six Sigma project designed to increase the loan resolution rate and promises kept. This joint collections/loss mitigation project utilized modified scripting; psychological principals and proprietary training materials in conjunction with ongoing monthly coaching and training to improve loan performance results .(Click here for current rating agency reports).

Ocwen's best practices are embedded into our technology to help ensure consistency and customer satisfaction. Our REALServicing® platform uses artificial intelligence with case-based logic to guide the agent through interactive, pre-determined scripts. This provides a rapid, consistent response for a high level of customer satisfaction, reduced errors and fewer costly disputes. Our REALPortal investor loan performance Web site sets the industry standard for continuous, timely portfolio visibility and tracking, so our lenders enjoy greater access to and control over their loans.

Ocwen's award winning global operations allow us to allocate fewer loans per person - in fact - thirty percent less loans per person - so that we can do more than other servicers to protect your assets and serve the borrower. Ocwen's wholly owned global operations centers offer access to a deep global labor pool that allows us to use the highest value labor available. Our sophisticated recruiting and training process with cognitive testing and personality profiling helps us make sure that the right agent is servicing your loan. And, our professional best-practices'' training teaches the agent to service your loan effectively. We do more to keep your loan performing!

Today, 9 of the 10 largest investment banks rely on Ocwen's servicing expertise. Ocwen currently services more than $50 Billion of customer-care intensive non-prime single-family residential loans, including Residential Loan Servicing (Subprime, ALT A, and Seconds), Special Servicing and Interim Servicing.
greater profits and pull through reduce costs reduce errors increase scalability and flexibility

Pre-foreclosure resolution rate of more than 80%!

Fewer first-payment/early payment defaults

Compressed loan-resolution timelines

Efficient management of third-party costs

Industry's most advanced on-shore/off-shore global mortgage factory

Deep, highly trained and experienced labor pool

Best practices for keeping loans performing embedded in our technology

Leading edge technology

REALPortal Web site for continuous, timely loan performance visibility and tracking

The proven leader in loss mitigation
  • The value enhancement created by Ocwen is approximately $290,000 per $1 million of nonperforming loans
  • In the top 10 subprime servicer and subprime sub-servicer ranking, servicing in excess of $50 billion in UPB
  • A passion for establishing credibility and trust with your mortgage customers in order to keeping loans performing and people in their homes!
The only truly independent "third-party" Sub-prime servicer
Reduced early payment defaults
  • Subprime, Alt-A and/or junior lien loans, Ocwen's robust early payment default solutions improve results.
Leading edge, flexible proprietary technology
  • Keep up with rapidly changing requirements and best practices
  • The leading investor Loan Performance Web site with more detailed and informative pool performance data than other Special Servicer. More than 2,300 registered users are provided with customized RMBS reports on more than 350 RMBS securitizations.
Productivity, service quality and cost advantages
  A clear leader in using globalization to make your loans worth more as shown by our rankings:
    Ranked consistently in the Top 10 subprime residential mortgage servicers; "Click here for the ranking"
    Listed in the "The Worlds 100 Most Innovative Service Providers" by neoIT, CMP Media LLC & Global Outsourcing Magazine (February 2007)
    Ranked #2 in "The Top Ten Mortgage Banking Outsourcing Vendors" in The Black Book of Outsourcing (April 2007)
    A "Top 60 Global Outsourcer" based on the findings of the International Association of Outsourcing Professionals as published in Fortune Magazine (April 2006)
  It has a strong financial base (Click here for current financials) as a subsidiary of Ocwen Financial Corporation (NYSE:OCN).
  Highly rated as a subprime and special servicer by all three major rating agencies. Click here for ratings.

Does more to keep loans performing.

    Providing a dedicated division to minimize first payment defaults,
    Using a consultative approach with delinquent borrowers,
    Applying the leading early intervention program and
    Utilizing dual path processing from day one of default (Customer Resolution and Collateral Protection).
  A trusted SAS-70 certified and Reg AB-compliant servicing resource.

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