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Ocwen's REO Management Services Team oversees the entire sales process on foreclosed properties. Ocwen has been managing REO sales since it's inception and has managed over 9000 properties in the past year. Ocwen's established infrastructure, advanced technology and vast experience can provide our customers with a more effective and efficient means of doing business.

Ocwen's proven capabilities can turn your non-income producing assets into cash. On average, the cost to carry a property is equal to 1.5% of its value per month. Ocwen's disposition timeline averages 5.1 months; 15% faster than the industry goal and with net proceeds exceeding 93% of the appraised value. In an industry where time is money, that can equate to significant savings.

Ocwen services include:

  • Property value assessments
  • Contracting repair services
  • Realtor location and management
  • Final sale price negotiation
  • Transaction closing oversight

The REO process is monitored through the REALServicing® system, a residential workflow management software package that tracks foreclosed property from the time it becomes REO through the property's final sale and financial close. Developed by Ocwen, the REALServicing system is a comprehensive software solution that manages the entire lifecycle of a residential loan.

Questions about residential REO properties?

On all questions and/or concerns regarding a property currently listed for sale on this site, or to make an offer on a property, please contact the listing agent assigned to that property. If a property is not currently listed on this site, it may not be available for sale at this time.

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REO Phone: 877-226-2936
E-mail: residentialREO@ocwen.com