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Ocwen Financial Corporation

Ocwen is a global financial services company offering cutting-edge Knowledge Processing Solutions to forward thinking companies in mortgage, finance, insurance and other sectors. It is the largest global provider of outsourced transaction processing solutions for the mortgage industry with more than 3,500 employees at operations in North America, South America and Asia. Founded in 1988 and headquartered in West Palm Beach, Florida, Ocwen is publicly traded on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol OCN.

Ocwen’s primary business activities include:

  • Residential Mortgage Servicing
  • Commercial Mortgage Servicing
  • FHA Originations - To be launched soon

Ocwen is one of the largest non-prime mortgage servicers in US. Through the years, Ocwen has gained national reputation as a servicer specializing in the management of sub-performing and non-performing assets, including severely-delinquent and labor-intensive mortgage loans and REO assets requiring a "hands-on" approach. In the past decade, Ocwen has acquired and managed more than $4.5 billion in distressed real estate debt on its own behalf.

A pioneer in 24 hour Processing, Ocwen has combined its thought leadership, geographic independence, hybrid on-shore & off-shore custom designed processes, new technology adoption and fiduciary and regulatory controls, to create a formidable business model for its clients. Thus, Ocwen is not just a vendor, but a trusted strategic partner, enabling clients to conquer competition and overcome business challenges.

Ocwen's thought leadership and cutting edge business processes have enabled us to maximize returns for our clients while helping over 70,000 borrowers stay in their homes last year.

For more information on Ocwen, write to us at marketing@ocwen.com